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batman 48 review

Batman #48 Review: The Batman Awakens

Batman #48 continued to explore Mr. Bloom’s rampage on Gotham as Bruce Wayne does some soul searching. I have to say that with everything that’s been going on recently with Bruce and Batman, this issue felt pretty freaking satisfying. So let’s discuss Batman #48!

justice league 47 review

Justice League #47 Review: Hello again, Crime Syndicate.

Darkseid’s War continues in Justice League #47, as the team continue to struggle with their new status. Just when you think you knew what was going on, another surprise comes and shakes things up. This arc has definitely been keeping us on our toes, and this issue is […]

robin war damian

Robin War #1 Review: Robins unite, Robins fall

  It’s been the year of Robin, and to round it off we have the big crossover event Robin War, uniting all the former and current Robins from the different Bat-titles. It’s great to see such a focus on the different Robins (especially with the real Batman being […]

batman europa #1 review

Batman: Europa #1 Review: Worth the read?

Introducing the next new Batman title, Batman: Europa! Yes we already have a million Bat-titles, but in the mind of DC there’s always room for more (I am saying this as a big fan of Batman though). So let’s look into the issue and see if this Bat-title […]

justice league 45 review

Justice League #45 Review: The New Gods have arrived

Justice League #45 evolved the good old Justice League from the friendly group we all know and love, to something a lot more dangerous. This arc continues to surprise so let’s discuss Justice League #45!

batman 45 review mr bloom

Batman #45 Review: Will Mr. Bloom bring Bruce back to being Batman?

After last month’s flashback issue, Batman #45 picks back up in present day where the mystery of Mr Bloom continues. So let’s discuss Batman #45!

gotham season 2 episode 3 jerome is the joker's inspiration

Gotham 2X03 Discussion: Jerome is the Joker’s inspiration

Gotham season 2 episode 3 (supposedly) brought to a close Jerome’s story arc, whilst also introducing Gotham’s new hero, and no it’s not Bats. It was another ridiculously brutal and violent episode, so let’s discuss Gotham season 2 episode 3! Spoilers follow.


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