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How Sony can fix their Spider-Man Universe

amazing spider man 2012

It’s been reported that Sony are looking at a 1.25 billion dollar loss, clearly showing they’re not in a very good position right now. But don’t fear Sony, because if you have a read of my one piece of very simple of advice for you, I’m sure you can completely revitalise your Spider-Man cinematic universe, bringing you truckloads of cash! That’s what you want right? Well then you better keep reading Sony, because I’m about to save you millions:

Focus. That’s what you gotta do. Now obviously we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of Sony. They could have a master plan for their Spider-Man universe and it could be great. But in reality I think this is what’s going down: they had a plan, they knew what they were going to do for the next 5 years, but then The Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out, and well it wasn’t the billion dollar hit they were looking for. Obviously grossing over $700m worldwide is not a bad thing, but it wasn’t high enough for them to really bring in the profits.

So their plan slowly started falling apart. They pushed the sequel back a year, and then two years. They pushed Sinister Six forward and announced a female-led superhero flick for 2017. And they also talked about creating a brand new superhero for the big screen with Stan Lee. That sounds okay but it doesn’t seem very cohesive. They seem like they’re chucking things at the wall and seeing what sticks.

What they’re lacking is focus. Let’s look at Amazing Spider-Man 2, that film was incredibly unfocused and reflected well the state of the behind the scene operations. You had a billion story lines, so many story lines that they had to cut out story lines like Mary Jane and Peter’s father not being dead. But even then there were still too many story lines! They were like children hyped up on sugar, and just wanted to do everything! They wanted to set-up everything in that one movie and it just didn’t work.

So you gotta think of your game plan Sony. The next movie coming out from the Spider-Man universe is Sinister Six. This will be an interesting one because Green Goblin and Rhino in Amazing Spider-Man 2 were complete jokes, they are going to have to radically re-envision those characters to make them work. Then they got another problem, the competition. Granted Sinister Six is coming out in November, away from the other movies, but it will only be coming out a few months after Suicide Squad. *Touch wood* but I’m predicting that with David Ayer and the amazing concept of the Suicide Squad, that movie is probably going to be awesome. Sinister Six may be different in concept, but to the general audience it’s just going to be another villain team up movie, so how will they make themselves different? Honestly I have no idea how they could do this film without Spider-Man, but what ever they do, they have to make the film more than just a bunch of crazies with weak motivations hanging out together. They need to focus and create compelling motivations and interesting team dynamics to make the film work.

sinister six

We also know that they will be releasing a solo female-led superhero movie in 2017. 2017 is also the year of Wonder Woman. And Wonder Woman is well, Wonder Woman. So how will Sony compete with that. They need to focus and really pick the right character. When they know we have films starring Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel coming out, they need to pick a character who is quite different compared to them. And maybe this is the film where they create a brand new character. If that’s the case it opens up a lot of opportunities to truly create a unique female superhero. Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are quite powerful, so perhaps to differentiate themselves they should create or use a character who is much more human, and much more grounded.

Then you got Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4. Not sure if they will ever get to number 4, but with number 3 they have to most importantly do one thing, I think you know what it is Sony, you gotta focus! Pick your main story lines and stick with it. Pick your main theme and stick with it. Pick your main tone and stick with it. Pick your main villain and stick with it. You can’t have the best of all the worlds. You can’t just chuck everything into your movie to please everyone, because it won’t work. I know a lot of people had problems with the first Amazing Spider-Man movie, but I personally loved it. That movie was actually quite focused. Focused on Peter Parker. Yes you want to build this world, but you also have to build your character.

pater parker comic books

I hope that Sony soon announces a slate of films. Obviously it’s a lot harder for Sony to create a cinematic universe when they only have one character to build around, but it can be done. And of course there’s all those people that think Spider-Man (and all Marvel characters actually) are better with Disney/Marvel Studios, but I have to disagree with that notion. The Raimi films (except for 3 obviously) and the first Amazing Spider-Man film were great. Marvel Studios aren’t the be all and end all, and they don’t necessarily do everything the best. So Sony, I want you to know that I believe in you, all you gotta do is focus!

So that’s my one piece of advice to Sony. What do you think Sony needs to do to save their Spider-Man universe? Or do you think that Spidey would be better off with Marvel Studios? Let me know!


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  1. Marvel/Disney is going to reign in all their titles as soon as the licenses expire, and Spider-Man belongs back in their fold. But until that happens, Sony needs to follow some of your suggestions. I would just add this: stick to the canon, and stop reinterpreting things. I’m not saying put a guy in a goblin costume with purple tunic and rubber mask, but also don’t give me Blue Jaime Foxx. Stick to the material and have fun with it.


    • Amazing Spider-man 2 was definitely overcrowded yeah, as long as they pull back the amount of story lines they want to chuck into each of their films, then they will be okay I think.


  2. My name is Peter Parker. Once upon a time things were pretty sweet, I had a major hit movie, everybody loved me and nothing could go wrong. Then I went away for a while and had a good rest. Marvel wanted me back, I always knew they would, but a nasty old SONY (whatever that is) got its teeth into me pretty and refused to let go. Now I turn up every other year looking depressed, I say a few lines, punch some stuff, web some things, swing around for a bit and then I go home. It ain’t much, but it’s a living. I think I used to have a comic book or something with stories in it, but nobody remembers what they are anymore, so we just make up the plot while the camera rolls and hope for the best, if I web enough $*&^ in there, hopefully some of it will stick.

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