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wonder woman character analysis

Wonder Woman Character Analysis: The peaceful warrior.

As we are quickly approaching the live-action cinematic debut of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman, now seems like a good time to get into a Wonder Woman character analysis. Wonder Woman is one of those characters who basically everyone knows by name, but they don’t really know who she […]

wonder woman movie casting rumours

Wonder Woman Movie Casting Rumours: WB aren’t messing around

With production on the Wonder Woman movie set to begin in November, it’s not surprising that we’ve started getting some casting rumours, and aren’t they good ones. Sean Bean, Eva Green and for a moment there even Cate Blanchett!

diana prince batman v superman

What will Wonder Woman’s role be in Batman v Superman?

With more details coming out from the DCEU (its formal name), we now have a clearer idea on what Wonder Woman’s role will be in Batman v Superman and the larger Extended Universe. Although I was initially hesitant with her inclusion in the film, the way her character […]

justice league 42 darkseid

Justice League #42 Spoiler Review: Bat-God has arrived

Whilst Justice League #42 was more of a moving parts issue, we did get some few cool moments, such as the birth of the Bat-God. Yes all those memes have come to life, as Batman is literally a god now. So let’s discuss Justice League #42!

batman v superman trinity official what the images tell us so far

Batman v Superman Official Images: Revealing character purpose and plot (Oh yeahh)

Isn’t it beautiful? The trinity are together in the official images and interviews released from Entertainment Weekly, and from the images and interviews we actually found out a bit about what’s going to go down in Batman v Superman.

chris pine steve trevor wonder woman waste

Is it a waste for Chris Pine to play Wonder Woman’s love interest?

Word from Variety (Update: now confirmed) is that Chris Pine is looking at signing on as Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman film. But he’s a strong, good looking man, he should play a superhero, what a wasted opportunity! So says the internet. So the question is, […]

superman wonder woman couple

The Superman/Wonder Woman Relationship: At their best in quieter moments

I don’t know about you, but I get bored continuously reading about Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship when it mainly involves them punching bad guys together. Yeah punching bad guys is cool, and they both have cool powers and all, but Superman/Wonder Woman #17 made me realise I […]

wonder woman justice league animated series

Can everyone please stop complaining about Gal Gadot’s body

Gal Gadot aka our Wonder Woman, recently spoke about the backlash surrounding her body, after she was cast as the Amazonian Queen. Now I get it, Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck have comic book bodies fitting for Superman and Batman, so it’s disappointing Gal doesn’t have the Amazonian […]

melissa benoist supergirl

Will the Supergirl TV show learn from the failed Wonder Woman Pilot? Maybe not.

With all the latest news and castings from the upcoming CBS Supergirl TV show, I thought I should check out another high profile superhero TV show from a few of years ago, the Wonder Woman Pilot, which never made it to air, for obvious reasons. I’m a big […]


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