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why 2016 is the most important year for comic book movies

Why 2016 Is The Most Important Year For Comic Book Movies (Discussion)

Happy New Year everyone! It’s finally 2016, and as most of you know, this is going to be a big year for comic book movies. With 7 major comic book/superhero movies coming out, 2016 is the most important year for them. So let’s take a look at why […]

superhero supervillain origin stories movies

Are the days of the superhero/supervillain origin story gone? I hope not!

Next year the movie-going audience are going to be introduced to many new comic book characters that they may not know much about. And the conversation has often turned to origin stories and whether they are necessary or not.

jared leto hair joker comics

Superhero Movie Marketing: We’ve been spoiled, and want too much.

I admit, I have been following the tale of Jared Leto’s hair transformation, it’s ridiculous. And it got me thinking about the world of superhero movie marketing, and that the internet’s constant craving for information about these movies, may not be the best thing.

dc post convergence comics

DC’s post-Convergence plans: Lets discuss what the heck is going on!

So we just got some big news from DC Comics about their post-Convergence plans, and it looks like we will officially be saying bye to the “New 52” BUT not goodbye to the same continuity, which some people seem to be confused about. So lets break down the […]

melissa benoist supergirl

Will the Supergirl TV show learn from the failed Wonder Woman Pilot? Maybe not.

With all the latest news and castings from the upcoming CBS Supergirl TV show, I thought I should check out another high profile superhero TV show from a few of years ago, the Wonder Woman Pilot, which never made it to air, for obvious reasons. I’m a big […]

batman superman 18 review

Batman/Superman 18 Review: The World’s Finest friendship is beautiful

It’s no secret that Superman and Batman are my two favourite superheroes, and I especially love when the two of them hang out, so I was pretty damn happy that Batman/Superman 18 showcased the closeness of their friendship. The Batman/Superman new 52 title started off a little weak […]

batgirl 38 review

Batgirl 38 Discussion: Social media haters exist in comic books too

Batgirl 38 showed us the truth about people on social media, they will love you one second, and completely hate you the next second. The revamp of Batgirl has done wonders for the comic and really integrates Batgirl into a real world setting. Anyways lets discuss Batgirl 38! […]


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