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batman v superman dc films

Don’t Worry WB, DC Films don’t need to be like Marvel (Discussion)

It seems like with DC Films that as soon as you get something positive, you get something negative with it straight away. In this case it was the release of the (probably best) new Batman v Superman trailer, along with the news that the DCEU was in major […]

deadpool spoiler review discussion

Deadpool Spoiler Review/Discussion: Simply refreshing.

Deadpool came out this weekend and is a critical, financial and most importantly, audience success. The 2016 comic book movie year has started with a bang so let’s dive into Deadpool. (That’s right we’re jumping into Deadpool movie spoilers so if you haven’t watched the movie yet, stay […]

spider-man civil war concept art

So will Marvel (or should Marvel) Reveal Spider-Man?

Marketing for Captain America: Civil War has started to heat up again, and the latest TV spot that premiered during the Super Bowl was pretty freaking awesome, except not everyone was happy. And that had a lot to do with the lack of Spidey. So what’s Marvel doing, […]

deadpool movie success

Will Deadpool become the new Wolverine of the X-Men Universe? (Discussion)

Deadpool is finally coming out this week, the reviews are strong and the hype is strong. It looks like Deadpool is going to become a massive success, so the question is how will Fox utilise his success?

the flash season 2 episode 4 harrison wells firestorm king shark

Superhero TV vs Film: No more looking down on TV (Discussion)

It’s nearly that glorious time when many of the comic book TV shows return, and what’s become especially clear this year is that both Marvel and DC are quickly developing and increasing the number of properties they have on film and TV. And whilst film is the major […]

marvel and dc brand superhero movies

Marvel and DC: The influence of brand in superhero film experience

Now that we finally have some variety in competition within the superhero film sphere, what’s interesting to look at is how people respond to the different films and marketing materials from the films. The studios seem to be taking different approaches with their cinematic universes and all attempt […]

why 2016 is the most important year for comic book movies

Why 2016 Is The Most Important Year For Comic Book Movies (Discussion)

Happy New Year everyone! It’s finally 2016, and as most of you know, this is going to be a big year for comic book movies. With 7 major comic book/superhero movies coming out, 2016 is the most important year for them. So let’s take a look at why […]

doctor strange superhero movies 2016

Superhero Movies 2016: Breaking down the insanity to come

2016 will be the biggest year for superhero movies, and really demonstrates the extent to which the studios are willing to go to have themselves a successful cinematic universe. Marvel/Disney will be releasing 2 films, WB/DC will also be releasing 2 films and Fox/Marvel will be releasing 3 […]


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