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batman 48 review

Batman #48 Review: The Batman Awakens

Batman #48 continued to explore Mr. Bloom’s rampage on Gotham as Bruce Wayne does some soul searching. I have to say that with everything that’s been going on recently with Bruce and Batman, this issue felt pretty freaking satisfying. So let’s discuss Batman #48!

the flash season 2 episode 4 harrison wells firestorm king shark

Superhero TV vs Film: No more looking down on TV (Discussion)

It’s nearly that glorious time when many of the comic book TV shows return, and what’s become especially clear this year is that both Marvel and DC are quickly developing and increasing the number of properties they have on film and TV. And whilst film is the major […]


Aquaman Character Analysis: Not lame anymore.

It’s time for another character analysis, and this time it goes to the once ridiculed, Aquaman! Here is one of the most misunderstood superheroes in comic books, and with his appearance in Batman v Superman coming up in a few months now is a great time to get […]

dc post convergence comics

DC’s post-Convergence plans: Lets discuss what the heck is going on!

So we just got some big news from DC Comics about their post-Convergence plans, and it looks like we will officially be saying bye to the “New 52” BUT not goodbye to the same continuity, which some people seem to be confused about. So lets break down the […]

batman superman 18 review

Batman/Superman 18 Review: The World’s Finest friendship is beautiful

It’s no secret that Superman and Batman are my two favourite superheroes, and I especially love when the two of them hang out, so I was pretty damn happy that Batman/Superman 18 showcased the closeness of their friendship. The Batman/Superman new 52 title started off a little weak […]

batgirl 38 review

Batgirl 38 Discussion: Social media haters exist in comic books too

Batgirl 38 showed us the truth about people on social media, they will love you one second, and completely hate you the next second. The revamp of Batgirl has done wonders for the comic and really integrates Batgirl into a real world setting. Anyways lets discuss Batgirl 38! […]

best comic book movie 2014

Best Comic Book Movie of 2014?

2014 is seen as one of the best years for comic book movies, so looking back at the past year, which one takes top spot? This was a hard one to pick for me, and I’m sure a lot of people have different number ones. (Spoilers follow)

batman 37 joker immortal

Batman 37 Discussion: Is the Joker immortal?

Batman 37 gave us a Batman who has come into crisis over his mortality, and gave us a Joker who’s immortal? In another fantastic chapter of Endgame, we finally see some real fear in Bruce, brought out by the one guy who knows how to bring out fear […]

joker character analysis

Joker the Absurdist: A character analysis

Let’s talk the Joker and get into a Joker character analysis. Arguably the most well known Batman villain, with the recent casting of Jared Leto as the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, I thought it was a great time to get into the mind of the […]


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