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y the last man tv show

Y: The Last Man TV Show: The world is ready, make it happen!

As I had just given up hope on ever seeing a live-action Y: The Last Man adaptation, Hollywood Reporter recently reported that a TV show is in development at FX. Although this is no guarantee just yet, here’s hoping it is, because it’s about time this happened.

july 2015 comic book sales

Is the ‘DC You’ a failure? (Discussion)

The ‘DC You’ is the title of DC comics’ rebranding that occurred after the Convergence event a few months ago, and the question that has been brought up is, is the DC You a failure? 

action comics #40 review bizarro superman

Action Comics #40 Review: Bizarro is am worst character ever!

In another great issue from Kuder and Pak’s Action Comics run, Action Comics #40 brings us into the wonderfully terrible world of Bizarro. Bizzarro has always been a fun Superman character, but also emphasises the level of tolerance and kindness Superman has. So let’s talk about Action Comics […]

dc post convergence comics

DC’s post-Convergence plans: Lets discuss what the heck is going on!

So we just got some big news from DC Comics about their post-Convergence plans, and it looks like we will officially be saying bye to the “New 52” BUT not goodbye to the same continuity, which some people seem to be confused about. So lets break down the […]

batman superman 18 review

Batman/Superman 18 Review: The World’s Finest friendship is beautiful

It’s no secret that Superman and Batman are my two favourite superheroes, and I especially love when the two of them hang out, so I was pretty damn happy that Batman/Superman 18 showcased the closeness of their friendship. The Batman/Superman new 52 title started off a little weak […]

batgirl 38 review

Batgirl 38 Discussion: Social media haters exist in comic books too

Batgirl 38 showed us the truth about people on social media, they will love you one second, and completely hate you the next second. The revamp of Batgirl has done wonders for the comic and really integrates Batgirl into a real world setting. Anyways lets discuss Batgirl 38! […]

2015 superhero movies

Hey there 2015, what’s the comic book world going to give us?

2015 is going to be an exciting year for the live-action comic book world, so lets take a look at what we should be getting this year. Maybe even actual marketing for Fantastic Four, sayeth what!

wonder woman 37 review

Wonder Woman 37: Is it really that bad?

I’ve been reading a lot of reviews on Wonder Woman 37, basically talking about how terrible it is (and how she is losing her feminist icon symbol) and while it certainly has its issues, I don’t believe it’s as bad as people are making it out to be. […]


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