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Don’t Worry WB, DC Films don’t need to be like Marvel (Discussion)

It seems like with DC Films that as soon as you get something positive, you get something negative with it straight away. In this case it was the release of the (probably best) new Batman v Superman trailer, along with the news that the DCEU was in major […]

batman 48 review

Batman #48 Review: The Batman Awakens

Batman #48 continued to explore Mr. Bloom’s rampage on Gotham as Bruce Wayne does some soul searching. I have to say that with everything that’s been going on recently with Bruce and Batman, this issue felt pretty freaking satisfying. So let’s discuss Batman #48!

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What will Lex Luthor be like in Batman v Superman? (Discussion)

So far we seem to be getting a good idea of what each character will be like in Batman v Superman, but the one who seems to confuse people the most is Lex Luthor. From all the promotional material there seems to be very different views regarding how […]

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Robin War #1 Review: Robins unite, Robins fall

  It’s been the year of Robin, and to round it off we have the big crossover event Robin War, uniting all the former and current Robins from the different Bat-titles. It’s great to see such a focus on the different Robins (especially with the real Batman being […]


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