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Do Superheroes need dead parents?

So I think we have all picked up on a recurring theme that goes on in superhero origin stories. Dead parents. From Batman to Spiderman, a lot of our favourite heroes have dead parents. Even those that initially didn’t have dead parents, have had their origin story changed […]

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Batman v Superman: Should the world hate Superman?

  So we know that the response to Man of Steel was pretty mixed. Among the comic book fan community, there were a lot of strong reactions to the movie from hating it to loving it. I personally loved it, obviously with bias as Superman is my favourite […]

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Gotham: Will we ever see real, crazy Batman villains? Maybe not.

So just in case you didn’t know, this is Batman’s world, and we’re just living in it. And this case becomes obvious when you have one of the most anticipated movies of the decade starring him, and when one of the most anticipated tv shows of the season, […]

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Ben Affleck can act, he will be a great Batman: Proof is in Gone Girl

  So I just came back from a screening of David Fincher’s new movie Gone Girl, and I just had to write about it straight away. The lead in this highly anticipated film was none other than our future batman himself, Ben Affleck. And wow this might just […]

batman v superman

Batman V Superman: Will we get the classic Batman/Superman Friendship?

  Yeah I know the movie is called ‘Batman V Superman’ but that doesn’t mean we won’t get to see the beginning of the ‘World’s Finest’ friendship…right? I love when these two fight. I mean who doesn’t? You got a god versing a man and you think it […]

castiel and constantine already wear the same thing, therefore a cross over is inevitable

Dc TV Shared Universe: Should it happen?

Arrow. The Flash. Gotham and Constantine. These are our current Dc tv shows, with Supergirl and most likely Teen Titans (Titans) coming to tv as well. Now we know for sure that they are going to keep the movie and tv universes separate, which I believe is the […]

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Noooo, Y: The Last Man movie is officially dead

Even though it seems like every other comic book series out there right now is getting a movie, apparently Y: The Last Man won’t be one of those according to SlashFilm…which totally sucks!

Is Agents of Shield actually good now?

First things first, I never hated Agents of Shield the way most people did, I just disliked the first half of season 1. If you gave up before the Captain America episodes, I suggest you give the show another try because it’s actually pretty good now. Season 2 […]

suicide squad movie

Suicide Squad Movie Update: And why it needs to happen!

We have a suicide squad movie update! Now i don’t know about you, but i think we need more deadshot in our lives…