gotham season 2 episode 20 review discussion

Gotham 2×20 Discussion: This show is ridiculous.

Gotham season 2 episode 20 continued Azrael’s mad journey to complete his missions. There’s a quirk and sense of humour in this show that you don’t really get anywhere else these days. So although the show is ridiculous, I acknowledge that, I appreciate its weirdness. So let’s discuss […]

ranking 2016 superhero movies captain america civil war

Captain America: Civil War Spoilers Review Discussion- A fun Civil War?

Only 4 months into the year, and we’re already up to our third superhero movie, this time it’s Captain America: Civil War. So let’s dive into a spoilers review discussion of Captain America: Civil War. And unlike many other discussions about this movie, I vow not to compare […]

killing superman batman v superman dc rebirth

Can we please stop killing Superman off? (Discussion)

  You know, it’s very emotionally draining being a Superman fan these days. There’s always this constant need to keep things big and shocking with Superman, to keep him interesting to the audience. Which often leads to the same fate, his death. Spoilers for Batman v Superman (as […]