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Gotham 2×17 Discussion: Good to see villains be villains

gotham season 2 episode 17 review discussion riddler

Gotham season 2 episode 17 was the episode of breaking points as we finally saw Penguin and Riddler move on to the next phase of their lives. Gotham is at its best when it just goes absolutely crazy, and we’re definitely building up to an insane season finale. So let’s discuss Gotham season 2 episode 17!

Spoilers follow.

The turnaround from Jim being hunted to being freed was quite quick, yet here we are. With the help of his trusty pal Harvey, Jim finally finds his way to the real killer, Mr. E. Nygma.

From the very start of the show we’ve slowly seen Nygma’s descent into insanity. Now that he’s been caught, there’s no holding back anymore. He can be The Riddler. I think we saw him at his most Riddler self during the final face-off with Jim. He’s a psychopath who constantly finds the need to keep challenging people, to make himself feel smarter. But he lost at the end, and now has a new home in Arkham.

We also got the return of the real Penguin in Gotham season 2 episode 17. You can’t condition somebody into turning against their natural state. His good streak may have lasted a little while, but it was never going to last forever.

gotham season 2 episode 17 penguin

In one of the most disturbing things Penguin has done, he served a woman her own children to eat, before he killed her himself. Oh that Penguin, so adorable isn’t he! But it is good to have Penguin back to being his psychopathic self again. Because as Gotham likes to explore, some can tame the monster inside of them, others can’t.

Next week we’ll see if Barbara can tame the monster inside of her. I’m not sure what direction they want to take with her character. Because she’s not really a character from the comics so they can do anything, but I feel like redemption is a little far-fetched for her to ever achieve. It’s crazy to think about how different she was when she first appeared on the show, so…normal.

The next episode of Gotham will have Barbara helping Jim to crack the Wayne case. Now that Bruce finally has access to the computer, we’ll get to know more about what Thomas Wayne was up to before he died. Alfred talked about Bruce going on a path to continue the work Thomas did, so it looks like Thomas Wayne might have been some kind of Pre-Batman in his spare time. 

flashpoint batman gotham

We’re also going to see a lot more villains next week, with the return of Galavan and Mr. Freeze, along with some others hopefully (can we get a Jerome cameo please). Next week’s episode looks like it will be insane and whacky, which is exactly what the show excels at.

Overall Gotham season 2 episode 17 has led the way nicely to seeing our villains just be their natural selves again. It’ll be interesting to see what Strange wants his monsters to do once he releases them into the wild, perhaps he just wants to observe them in his greatest experiment yet!

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  1. Technically Barbara is a character from the comics, just they apparently did a complete 180 on her, and plus if somehow, Jim and her, do, well, “get together”, it’d give credence for Jim Jr. to appear and be crazy, inheriting his insanity from both parents, in a way.

    I liked how Penguin pulled an “Eric Cartman” and served a woman her own children as food to her. It was pretty funny, only difference being it was a roast and not chili lol.



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