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Gotham 2X13 Discussion: The birth of Mr. Freeze

gotham season 2 episode 13 review discussion mr freeze

Gotham season 2 episode 13 continued the Victor Fries story from last week, as things escalated pretty quickly. As I’ve mentioned, I like the stronger focus on villains this season, and this 2 episode arc has definitely been strong. So let’s discuss Gotham season 2 episode 13!

Spoilers follow.

The GCPD don’t always make the best plans, but they do make the most entertaining ones. Their plan is to use Nora as bait in Arkham Asylum for Victor. This gives us a great excuse to go to Arkham and see what Hugo Strange and Penguin are up to.

Once Victor “falls” for the bait we see Hugo helping him out. Strange wants Victor’s formula to help his little experiments he has going on (which we’ll get to in a bit). Unsurprisingly things don’t go to plan and Victor ends up escaping with Nora and Lee (Lee cannot catch a break when it comes to bad guys apparently).

It’s great that the show kept the emotional core of the character, and made his love for his dying wife his primary motivation. Even though Nora witnessed the monster inside of Victor, she can’t help but love him. This of course parallels nicely to Lee and Jim’s relationship, with Lee quickly acknowledging that there is something very dark inside of Jim.

Eventually we see that Nora wants to stop everything Victor has done, and she ends up killing herself. Victor tries to do the same, but it doesn’t work.

Now we can really welcome Mr. Freeze! The guy who can’t survive above freezing temperature. As soon as we heard that Fries was taken to Strange, it was safe to assume that he wouldn’t be dead. The question is now, what will strange do with Mr. Freeze?

I just hope they don’t go too campy with Mr. Freeze now that he’s a lot closer to his comic book counterpart. I love the quirky tone of Gotham, but take it too far and we’ll have another Batman and Robin situation, which is definitely not something we want!

gotham season 2 episode 13 hugo strange

At the end of Gotham season 2 episode 13 we saw that Strange’s plan is starting to come together nicely after receiving the formula from Fries. It was obvious that Strange was going to start bringing people back from the dead, and yes coming back from the dead will be Galavan and Jerome! 

We’ll be seeing Galavan back sooner than Jerome I presume, but it’s good to know that we will get fake-Joker back once again!

As for the Bruce Wayne story arc, it appears he may be one step closer to finding the man who killed his parents. Right now he thinks its Matches Malone. Yes good old Matches Malone! In the comics Matches Malone was a slick criminal deep in the Gotham underground. When he died Batman assumed his identity, and became Matches Malone, so he could infiltrate the Gotham underground.

So whenever Bruce wants to know what’s going on he puts on a fake moustache and hits the streets. It’s actually pretty hilarious, but it’s not going to be something we see in Gotham, for obvious reasons.

gotham season 2 episode 13 matches malone bruce

Even though they’re setting Matches up to be the killer, I don’t know if he will be. The mystery of who killed Bruce’s parents is a terrible obsession that drives him deep into his adult life. Sometimes Bruce finds out who killed his parents (normally Joe Chill), but sometimes he doesn’t. I just don’t know if now is the right time to solve this mystery. It should be something that eats at Bruce for a long time, the thing that drives him to travel the world and train for years.

Next week’s episode will focus on Bruce’s confrontation with Malone, so it’ll be interesting to see how it all goes down.

Overall Gotham season 2 episode 13 was a pretty strong episode that explored the tragedy of a character that is Mr. Freeze. I’m glad we’re not just killing off these villains to never see them again, I’m excited for some of these guys to return! (Not Fish Mooney though…)

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  1. Matches didn’t kill Bruce’s parents in the comic books so they shouldn’t put it out there in tv. Not knowing is what drove Bruce to becoming Batman and it was Batman who for years continued to investigate who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents. Great post! And yes this victor fries is closer to the comic book version as well as Hugo Strange. Maybe it’s time we see Strange back in the Bat books again!



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