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About those Batman v Superman reviews (or how ridiculous the internet is)

batman v superman reviews fake

If you’ve been hanging around the internet for the past week you have probably seen stories about the spoiler-filled Batman v Superman reviews. It was reported that test screenings for Batman v Superman have begun and with those reports came individuals who claimed they were part of the lucky few who saw the movie. Are they legit? Did I just spoil the entire movie for myself by reading it? Let’s discuss!

I love Reddit, I’m on it all the time reading peoples’ wild opinions and speculations. When it comes to Batman v Superman, Reddit posts are particularly entertaining. In the subreddit ‘DC Cinematic’ a bunch of people came out saying they were part of the test screenings. Now we don’t know for certain if these test screenings even happened but two separate groups have confirmed that they did happen (Heroic Hollywood and JoBlo). Now it’s not too weird that screenings were held this early, the film has been done for a while and WB want to make sure that this is a hit.

One of the biggest posts on the subreddit dived into many spoilers of the film he supposedly saw, and one of the things he said was that the entire Justice League will form by the end of Batman v Superman. I would have believed everything he said up until that point, because there’s no way the entire Justice League is forming at the end.

First of all that would be way too much to put into this movie. Right now it does seem like the first two-thirds of the movie will be focused on the Batman v Superman aspect, whilst the last third will be focused on the Dawn of Justice aspect. After the last trailer many have been complaining that the trailer showed too much, so if the whole Justice League appeared at the end of the movie it would be a surprise. But it’s not going to happen.

justice league new 52

According to that Reddit user Green Lantern literally just shows up and expects everyone in the general audience to know who he is. That would never happen. Yes other JL members will be appearing in Batman v Superman, but they will either be very brief cameos or will be introduced in the story naturally. Flash will probably be nothing more than a blur and Cyborg will probably be mostly seen as Victor Stone. It’s apparent through his prominence in merchandising that Aquaman will have more of a role compared to Cyborg and Flash, and of course Wonder Woman will have an even bigger role.

So maybe in that end fight Aquaman joins in with the Trinity, but Green Lantern won’t just turn up with a quip and then join in on the action. Of course there are the constant discussions regarding Green Lantern and whether Dan Amboyer is playing Green Lantern or not. As I mentioned before, I highly doubt it. Think about it, why announce the actors for Flash and Cyborg (heck even for Black Adam) but keep Green Lantern a secret? It doesn’t make sense (again I could be completely wrong and they could announce him tomorrow, who really knows with these things!).

And why would WB want to miss out on those merchandising opportunities? Merchandising is a huge aspect of these major blockbusters, and we see that WB are already pumping out the Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman merchandise. So if the entire Justice League form at the end, including a costumed Flash and Green Lantern, I really don’t think WB would want to miss out on cashing in on them.

the flash green lantern friendship

So with that review came many more, all claiming to have seen the movie, all with their different variations of what was happening in the story. I have to applaud these trolls because many of them were answering questions flawlessly, up until they made some weird claim and messed up their otherwise pretty good ruse. But hey speculating is fun, and with all this misinformation we’re back to not knowing what the heck is going to go on.

Point being, no I don’t think the Justice League will all be popping out in the end, and if it did happen I don’t know how they would make that work in a way that still keeps the story strong. So if you like me couldn’t help but be curious and read the review, don’t worry it’s not real. But really if you read it then you probably don’t care about spoilers anyways.

Personally for a movie like this I don’t mind knowing what happens. Being a fan of the characters means you can generally guess how the story goes anyways. Now if there was some major plot twist that Martha Wayne just faked her own death so she could be Martha Kent all the time, and Bruce and Clark are actually brothers, then I wouldn’t want that spoilt! But yeah, that’s not happening. As for the trailer spoilers, Snyder gave an interview addressing the issue claiming that there is still a lot of surprises left. Of course he is the director of the movie, so what else would he say?

Overall the internet is a weird and interesting place. Don’t ever change.


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  1. So if the JL isn’t forming in this movie and this movie is just introducing Batman and Wonder Woman and getting them acquainted with the already debuted Superman (and I guess Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern, and Aquaman are just making brief cameos), does that mean the JL will form in the first actual JL movie?


    • nkay96 says:

      Well there were those rumours of a post-credit montage which shows the team forming, but if that doesn’t happen I assume they will take a similar route to how the team formed in the New 52. So they are aware of each other but only team-up once a threat big enough comes (like Darkseid)

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