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Batman #47 Review: He’s baaackkk

batman 47 review

Batman #47 may have Jim Gordon and Mr. Bloom fighting it out, but the biggest part of the issue didn’t happen to the very end. So let’s discuss Batman #47!

Non-spoiler thoughts first: The issue continued the fight between Mr. Bloom and Batman. The issue really explores how more and more Jim is thinking like Bruce when it comes to being Batman. The main theme of the comic is unpredictability, and it really took that theme right until the very end. As fun as it is to see Jim Gordon as Batman, most people are just waiting for Bruce to get back into the cowl. This issue provided a major stepping stone for that to happen, and showcased Bruce’s struggle to accept who he really is. Batman #47 was more of a set-up for bigger things to come, but it was a nice and tight set-up at that. As always Snyder is keeping us on our toes, which is always great.

Okay spoilers for Batman #47 follow now!

Before we get into that heart attack of an ending let’s talk about the conflict between Jim and Mr. Bloom. Jim has been struggling to be Batman, and a lot of that has to do with the rule-following cop in him. As Batman, sometimes you need to break those rules slightly.

Jim’s internal monologue showed us he was thinking more strategically and cunningly, like Bruce. He fought a bit dirtier and it worked…until it didn’t work. The big internal struggle Jim has is his need to live up to the previous Batman. Mr. Bloom played on those fears, and mocked him for it.

batman #47 review

And just when Jim thought he finally defeated Mr. Bloom, the unpredictability of Gotham sets in and an army of Blooms rose. Now it’s personal for Jim, defeating Bloom and his army is Jim’s personal validation that he is a good Batman.

I still don’t feel entirely thrilled with Mr. Bloom, which isn’t to do with how he looks and what he does, all of which are creepy and terrifying. I would just like to know a little bit more about his motivations, and even his past. Just when we thought we were going to find out who he was, we didn’t! Ahh, hopefully we get more from his character next month.

The other part of Batman #47 dealt with Bruce finally figuring out the truth about himself. For the past few months Bruce has refused to look into that corner of his past. The corner that gave him the most pain and grief, but also made him into the legend he once was.

Thankfully Duke decided to slap some sense into him. Even though Bruce refused to acknowledge his past as Batman in favour of a happy domestic life, he still has his Batman skills. I guess he still has the World’s Greatest Detective moves as he was able to track down Duke.

Duke finally forced Bruce to look deep inside himself. To look at who he shaped himself to be. And it was then that he saw the Bat once again.

batman #47 review

So Bruce then travels back to his favourite park bench where he finally confronts the truth to himself. Until he’s rudely interrupted. Oh and who is it at the end there of Batman #47? That’s right the Joker is back! 

There’s no denying that their fates seem to be intertwined in this eternally recurring path. Batman and Joker, they can’t get rid of each other. So what does this mean? Well the Joker may not have his usual face on (and is looking pretty normal considering his normal look), but I’m guessing that he does have his memory. You can see that just from the way his face lights up when he sees Bruce. Also Joker makes a comment that he’s actually been watching Bruce for a while now, which isn’t creepy at all…

So why come to Bruce now? Maybe it’s because the Joker feels like he can’t be the Joker unless Bruce is out there being Batman. And now that it looks like Bruce is about to come back, Joker feels like he can come out as well. It looks like Bruce will be back to being Batman in #49, so next month will explore his little adventure with the Joker, who’s just a stranger to him right now.

If anyone is going to remind Bruce of the importance of being Batman, the importance to be the one force who is there to stop chaotic monsters from destroying all hope in the Gotham, it’s the Joker.

I like how the last few panels imply that there’s some kind of beautiful friendship between Batman and Joker. We saw in Endgame when the two of them “killed” each other, there was an intensity in their relationship, an intensity they only had with each other. Now they may not actually be best friends, but there is something beautifully chaotic in their relationship. 

batman #47 review joker returns

I know some people may think it’s too soon to already be bringing back the Joker, but did you really think he was dead? It’s the Joker for goodness sake! He’s integral to Batman, and right now Bruce needs a push like him to fully embrace being Batman again.

Again, as enjoyable as it is reading Jim Gordon’s adventures as Batman, I can’t help but be ecstatic that Bruce is coming back. Snyder hinted that Bruce has been healing this whole time, and will come back as Batman smarter and stronger. I wonder if we’ll see a shift in power and personality when Bruce returns to being Batman.

He may come back more powerful, but the past few months he’s been living a domestic bliss. Could we be seeing a nicer, happier Batman? Is that even possible? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Overall Batman #47 was another solid issue, with another classic shocking ending from Snyder. Capullo’s art continued to pop, and the panels of Bruce remembering the Bat were especially powerful. Looking forward to seeing how Gordon deals with Mr. Bloom, and with how Bruce deals with his new friend. 8.2/10.
Batman #47
Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Greg Capullo
DC Comics

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  1. Such a great issue. Jim Gordon is starting to show that he’s actually worthy of taking on the Batman name with some great moves in his fight against Mr. Bloom. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne’s journey of self-discovery keeps getting better with each issue. At this point I don’t care whether Bruce Wayne takes back the Batman name by issue 50 or takes longer than that – this storyline is fascinating either way.
    And that last page …


    • nkay96 says:

      Very true, it’s being interesting exploring Bruce’s character detached from Batman, it’s different I like it!


  2. Hey there. Just wondering, could you explain how DC’s timeline works? In the Batman comics Jim Gordon is still Batman and Bruce is AWOL, but in Darkseid War Bruce is Batman. Where on the timeline do these things fall? So confusing…


    • nkay96 says:

      Yeah well basically with the DCYou, DC decided not to worry too much about continuity and just focus on story instead. So you don’t really know when Justice League takes place except that it doesn’t take place at the same time as the current day stories which is Gordon/Batman, but presumably it takes place before these events



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