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The Flash 2X08 Discussion: Welcome Hawkgirl, Hawkman…and Vandal Savage!

the flash season 2 episode 8 review discussion

The Flash season 2 episode 8 was part 1 of the ‘Legends of Today’ crossover event with Arrow, and helped set up the big bad of the crossover, Vandal Savage. As the episodes go by, the world of Arrow and The Flash get weirder and weirder, and Vandal Savage truly represents just how weird their world really is now. So let’s discuss The Flash season 2 episode 8!

Spoilers follow.

This crossover event is supposed to set-up the next new spinoff show, Legends of Tomorrow, by introducing some key characters like Hawkgirl and Hawkman (who visually looks better than how he looked back in Smallville), and the main villain of the show, Vandal Savage.

The origin of Vandal Savage has been slightly changed on the show to connect him with Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Vandal Savage is still immortal, but grows stronger each time he kills the ever reincarnating Hawkgirl and Hawkman.

So as the episode begins Cisco and Kendra are on a cute date before they are rudely interrupted by Savage. Luckily The Flash continues to have their backs. Now Team Flash may be able to deal with meta-humans, but Savage is more than a meta-human. Enter Team Arrow for back-up.

the flash season 2 episode 8 vandal savage

Team Arrow have dealt with Ra’s Al Ghul who stayed alive for hundreds of years by using the Lazarus Pit, and have been dealing with Damien Darhk in season 4, so considering that Team Arrow are at least slightly equipped to deal with an immortal man.

What’s great about this episode is that they acknowledge just how weird their world has gotten. I’m sure Flash misses the days of dealing with the easier freaks of the weeks, and Arrow misses the days of dealing with random street thugs. Now they are taking on talking gorillas, magic and an immortal man.

This episode was more of a setting up episode for the final part of the crossover, and for Legends of Tomorrow. So it was a lot more exposition, explaining who Kendra really is and who Savage really is. It did feel a little slow because we already knew about Hawkgirl and Vandal Savage, but at least Team Arrow and Team Flash are all caught up on what’s happening.

And the team-up between Green Arrow and Flash is always fun. I like the Oliver continues to be a mentor figure for Barry. Dealing with Zoom has had a huge impact on Barry’s life, and it’s fair enough that he feels like he’s battling in a losing war.

the flash season 2 episode 8 review discussion

It’s interesting that the Staff of Horus was brought in. Constantine also had references to this, and in the Arrow episode he appeared on he went to find the Orb of Horus. So perhaps that magic tattoo Constantine gave Oliver will help him with Vandal Savage.

The other part of the episode dealt with Caitlin and Harrison developing a drug to help Barry get faster. So what is Velocity 6? In the comics it’s called Velocity 9 and was a drug developed by none other than Vandal Savage to give people temporary speed, but with terrible side effects for those who were not used to that power. Yeah so for a little while there Vandal Savage was a total drug lord.

This time it’s Harrison and Caitlin who create it, and call it Velocity 6. Jay Garrick makes his return as he is called to become a test subject. He refuses, but Harrison had to go get himself shot, forcing Jay to use it. Oh and of course Patty got into S.T.A.R. Labs, because they have apparently still not increased their security.

I’m hoping this means we’re closer to seeing Jay getting his full speed back soon. Because a team-up between the two Flashes battling Zoom would be awesome to see!

the flash season 2 episode 8 connor hawke

Oh and let’s talk about the ending of the episode. Who was that kid at the end of The Flash? Yes it’s Oliver’s son! A couple of seasons ago we saw that Moira had paid a woman who was pregnant with Oliver’s child to tell him that she lost the baby. Well she didn’t and now it looks like Oliver has found out.

Here’s what we know: Connor Hawke (Oliver’s child in the comics) will be appearing on Legends of Tomorrow. So I’m guessing that in Legends of Tomorrow we will see this child, but a future version of himself. Apparently after Green Arrow dies Connor takes up the mantle of Green Arrow, which will be really interesting to see. And also explains why we are randomly getting Oliver’s secret son storyline popping up in this crossover event. Although apparently WB told that Connor Hawke wouldn’t be Oliver’s son, but considering everything we have seen so far that makes no sense.

Overall The Flash season 2 episode 8 was a good episode, however did spend more time setting things up, which of course will pay off later on. Vandal Savage has already proven to be an intimidating villain, so it’s definitely made me excited to see more of him eventually on Legends of Tomorrow!

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  1. Yeah it’s kinda confusing why DC is being iffy about Connor Hawke. There was an announcement that Connor Hawke would appear in LOT, but he’d be African-American and not GA’s son. I understand GA has a few illegitimate kids like Connor and even a son named Robert with Shado in the comics, and in the New 52 Connor got reintroduced as Red Arrow of Earth 2, but then killed him off (love how DC respects its legacy characters…) but this is kinda needlessly stretching it. They just need to say he’s Connor and that’s it, what’s so difficult about that? Hell, Stephen Amell himself said that he’d like to see Connor appear, since he’s a father as well in real life and understands the importance of parent-child bonding and all that. Also, since I’m already on a tangent about it, while I like how GA is doing currently since Jeff Lemire and Ben Percy took over after his comic was crap for a while with New 52, I hate how they removed Connor from existence as his son, because it strips away any maturity, growth, and responsibility GA had gotten from it. Sure, he’d still be a bit too self-righteous at times, but at least he was trying to do better, especially with his family, both biological and adopted. I like how the Arrowverse is showing how these characters are TRYING to grow up rather than remain in the same state for years on end like in the comics sometimes, and that’s something DC has forgotten. On Father’s Day I saw a picture of several images of DC male superheroes, hugging their kids, and with the caption of “happy father’s day”, so while DC may like to forget that most, if not all, of their characters were never parents and should always be carefree and with no responsibility aside from their superheroics, that doesn’t mean other ppl will forget, and certainly the Arrowverse ppl haven’t forgotten.

    Also, weird that they kinda merged characteristics of Hath-Set with Vandal Savage, but then again Savage is immortal and fought against A LOT of ppl, so no surprise he’s got beef with the Hawks.


    • nkay96 says:

      Yeah I have no idea what their plan is right now. I mean why introduce him having a son at all if you’re not just going to make him Connor Hawke? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what they do with the arc, but you’re right I think him having a son in the show will let us see a different side to him. Season 1 Oliver Queen would not know how to handle this situation at all, but season 4 Oliver can and will because he’s grown up and a lot more mature.



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