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Sony Leaks and Spider-Man: What’s going on???

spider-man sony leaksSo you have probably heard by now, that Sony has been hacked, and over the past week information regarding production and employees has been leaked online. From the leaks we’ve gotten some information about the state of the Spidey Universe. So let’s discuss the state of Spider-Man in Sony right now, and where they could end up going.

Sony is having a hard time, that’s obvious. They’ve been hacked supposedly because of the upcoming controversial release of the Seth Rogen/James Franco movie ‘The Interview’. But we’re not here to talk about that movie, we’re here to talk about the disastrous state of the Spider-Man universe at Sony right now. It was pretty obvious that they were in trouble. Amazing Spider-Man 2 was not well received at all, and didn’t make the mullah they were hoping for. They pushed the sequel back for 2 years, and everything seemed like it was a little disorganised.

And it doesn’t help when you have Marvel Studios and Fox releasing superhero films this year that were overwhelming met with praise, which you can also see from their box office returns. Then you have Warner Bros and Marvel laying out their film schedule for the next 100 years! I mean if I were Sony, I too would be feeling a little intimidated. But I still thought that hey, this is Sony, they’re a big company, they got to that status for a reason, surely they have a plan for what they are going to do with their Spider-Man universe, well apparently they don’t!

Oh Sony, I was really hoping you had your act together, and you were going to come out with a Spider-Man film slate that was ambitious and awesome! Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon though. From the leaked Sony documents, we saw that they did try to make a deal with Marvel Studios to have Spider-Man appear in their universe in a trilogy, with an appearance in Civil War as well. Plans fell through though because of issues over creative control.

sony spider-man leaksI’m not sure how that would have worked. Would they have just ignored the current Spider-Man and introduce a completely new one to the Marvel universe? Or would they have just put Andrew Garfield into the Marvel universe. That would be a little ridiculous. Because Spider-Man is set in New York and so is The Avengers. So what, New York had an alien invasion and then had to deal with bloody Electro (I guess cities like Gotham and Metropolis have dealt with worse). Honestly that would have made little sense to suddenly just put that Spider-Man into the established Marvel universe.

Edit: Scratch that, new leaks have come out with the people over at Sony discussing that if Spider-Man were to join the Marvel Universe it would be a new Spider-Man. Not Andrew Garfield. Which would make more sense.

We also knew that Sony had a plan for a Sinister Six movie to come out in November 2016. Seemed like an okay plan, they sort of set it up in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but they hadn’t given us any information about this film for the last few months. Then Warner Bros comes out of nowhere and announces a Suicide Squad movie to be released a couple of months before Sinister Six. Oh well, they are both pretty unknown properties to the greater audience, so Sony should be fine. But wait! Then Warner Bros comes out and just name-drops all the stars to be in the Suicide Squad movie, a cast that is pretty hard for Sony to compete with. People for sure would have compared Suicide Squad to Sinister Six, and if Sony didn’t want to look like the crappy villain movie in comparison, they needed something huge to compete with them. But we got no additional information about Sinister Six, so the confidence seems to be lacking.

Edit: And more information has just come out, another plan of Sony’s was to use Sinister Six as a soft reboot, with a new Spider-Man actor. Here Spider-Man would team up with the Sinister Six to take down a larger threat. What a mess! Just seems like they’re chucking ideas at the wall to see what sticks!

The Sony leaks further suggest that lack of confidence. Sony are planning a ‘Spider-Man Summit’ next month, to discuss what the heck they are going to do with this whole Spider-Man universe. That sounds like to me like all their current plans are frozen, and they will come up with changes and new stuff at this summit.

cartoon spider-manOh and looks like Batman won’t be the only one to get an animated movie on the big screen, the Sony leaks revealed they are planning an animated Spider-Man movie done by Chris Miller and Phil Lord. You know that could actually be pretty cute. Those Spider-Man animated shows always seem to do well with kids (just look at the number from toy sales and other merchandising), and Lord and Miller have already proven themselves with the Cloudy franchise and the Lego movie. So that could be really well done.

It’s clear that Sony has the case of too many cooks spoiling the broth. Just from the leaked emails you can see the lack of direction and overall idea they have about any of their films (like their idea of a Men in Black and Jump Street crossover movie hmmm). Now I’m sure stuff like that happens at all studios, but right now I’m thinking Sony are in more trouble than usual.

Sony needs someone who will be the main person when it comes specifically to the Spider-Man universe, or at least someone who understands what needs to be done and can make final decisions. They don’t need a hundred different people, just one. It was clear this was a big issue when it came to Amazing Spider-Man 2. Marc Webb had one idea, and the studio had a completely different one.

Marvel Studios has Kevin Feige, who specifically deals with Marvel. He isn’t just a Disney employee, he is all about Marvel. Warner Bros may not have a Kevin Feige but Kevin Tsujihira is very focused on the DC stuff. Before he came in there was no DC cinematic universe, they didn’t really have an overall direction or goal. Kevin became the head and soon after we had concrete plans for the DC Cinematic universe. Sony needs that one person (another Kevin perhaps?) who will make the final decisions and who will move the Spider-Man universe forward.

sinister sixWhether it’s Sinister Six, an Amazing Spider-Man sequel, a female led superhero film,Aunt May solo movie what ever it is, they need to say, hey this is what we’re doing, this is who’s going to star, here’s a synopsis and a couple of images that show we have a plan and we know what we’re doing. I’m sure this whole leaking debacle is going to really push them to get something out, and hopefully that Spider-Man summit will get them a long-term well thought out plan that will make Spider-Man successful without the need to chuck him into the Marvel universe.

A few years ago a lot of people were saying that X-Men should go back to Marvel. This was when they had just released the horrible X3 and X-Men origins film. But they got their act together and gave us a great First Class film and a fantastic Days of Future Past movie. So there is still hope for you yet Sony!

Anyways what do you think about the current state of the Spider-Man universe at Sony? Do you think they should just give him to Marvel? Let me know!

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  1. swanpride says:

    First of all: None of this is really a surprise. There have been rumours that Sony and Disney were talking. There have been rumours about a soft reboot. Nothing in those mail (so far…honestly, are there currently people shifting through thousand of mail in order to find the juicy information?) isn’t something which wasn’t suspected already, the leak only confirmed it.

    I disagree with you concerning the current Spider-man not fitting into the MCU. If they do it now, he would fit. Where Spider-Man was during the invasion in New York is not really a question, because The Amazing Spider-man not only hit the theatres AFTER the Avengers, in the timeline of the Spider-man movies his transformation happened a full year later. His absence during certain events after is less grating than the question where everyone else was during Iron Man, and the absence of the Avengers during the events of the Spider-man movies is hardly an issue because before The Winter Soldier, none of them were actually living in New York (except perhaps Bruce, and he would hardly willingly transform without anyone else around). Thor was in Asgard and after that presumably in England, Tony was in Miami, Steven was in Washington and Natasha and Clint on whatever Mission SHIELD send them on.

    My opinion in all that is: I like Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. I still think that The Amazing Spider-Man is the best Spider-man movie ever made, and that there wouldn’t even be a discussion which one is better if the current trilogy had been the one who had come first. As it is, I would be elated to see Spider-Man in the MCU – IF they still to Andrew Garfield. If they don’t, screw them. I don’t want a soft reboot of the character. I want the story of this Spider-Man to be told.

    I think Sony should stop dicking around trying to create a big universe and instead concentrate on the solid foundation they have. Yeah, TAS was disappointing – and it was mostly disappointing because too many ideas were thrown in. Just pick a writer, or let Webb pick a writer, and let them create a solid TAS3. One which establishes Felicia Hardy is proper character and maybe introduces Mary Jane. Then they can decide if Felicia is a strong enough character to carry her own movie or not.

    Word is, though, that Sony Japan is pushing for the deal with Marvel to go through. And the only way I can see that happening is when Sony gives up creative control. Feige will never allow Sony to have a say in his universe. It’s as simple as that.


    • nkay96 says:

      Yeah I guess he could fit, I would still just find it a bit odd if they put him in. It wouldn’t feel natural if they put the same Spider-Man in, because he’s always seemed like he’s in his own little world, and for all of The Avengers and other heroes stuff to be going on and no one mentioning it in at least the sequel and then chucking him into the Marvel Universe would be weird.
      And I think Andrew Garfield is definitely the best Spider-Man and you’re right, Sony is just so focused on creating this huge universe they forgot all the strengths the first Amazing Spider-Man movie had, a movie which really focused on Peter Parker/Spider-Man not world building.
      If Sony does give Spider-Man to Marvel yeah they would have to give up creative control, and considering the position they’re in right now, they don’t have much bargaining power. Which sucks because that will probably mean no more Andrew Garfield.


      • swanpride says:

        Who knows…if they come to an agreement now, they might add something about this guy who keeps rescuing people in New York in a throwaway line. But time is running out.

        But if they really do a soft reboot for the MCU, I hope that they pick a really, really young actor for the role and make Spider-Man a teenager.


      • nkay96 says:

        Yeah well that’s what apparently the Japanese bosses wanted, to make the reboot a focus on teenage Peter Parker so it could happen


  2. H34D says:

    Too many cooks will spoil the brother, but they fill our hearts with so much love

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    • H34D says:



  3. terrelle says:

    i think they should make a shattered dimensions spiderman movie and have the amazing spiderman spiderman 2099 and the noir spiderman join together and defeat villians from each dimension and have ultimate mysterio as final battle villian


    • nkay96 says:

      That would be cool if Sony was able to handle something like that, which I doubt they can right now



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